Let's talk about social networks.

Social networks have brought the world closer together and allowed us to stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues.

On the other hand, today's social network companies have become too powerful by using our own data and attention against us to meet their advertising, political, and financial agendas.

What if we could go back in time and create a new decentralized social network built on standard, secure, federated, and distributed tools like Email? With nearly 4 billion active email accounts around the world, this could become the largest social network making everyone simply a peer on the network - no centralized data centers or control.

Meet UHURO, the new decentralized social network built on email protocols! A fresh start that puts you in control of your data and can't be government controlled or spied upon, the way it should be! Your timeline is your email inbox.

In fact, UHURO means "FREEDOM"!

We do not have access to your email account nor your emails nor your social correspondence - we don't want it.

Joining UHURO is simple. No registration. No storage. After all, it's just email - your email :)

Get started now by sending an email to join@uhuro.com.

How does it work?